Monday, September 26, 2011

Some New Stuffs

Good evening polar bear enthusiasts,

  I wanted to share some new stuff I made for you guys! I know that last sentence may seem like I legitimately made these things for you, but alas, I did not, it was for class you just get to reap the benefit of seeing them. Just wanted to clear that up. 

Here is the first stuff, we had to make the two "Boss" type characters for my Character Design class, one large brutish creature and then a minion. So I used the best inspiration I know of...the Bible! There is a beast in the book of Revalation that has seven heads with ten horns and looks like a leopard with one head like a lion. Whew, that was a lot to get out, anyway, I used that as my primary inspiration. 

I want his fur!!

Now for the second creature, 
he is sort of the brains of the operation you could say. 
Not as large or intimidating by far.

He's very Shakespearean...with the skull and whatnot...

Alright now, here is the next project, 
we had to make a rockstar character for a type of Guitar Hero game.
Now, I'm a really big fan of "Tron" 
and considering that I dont really follow music,
 I just decided to make a guy that looks like he belongs in the world of "Tron"

His name is "Hexi-Decible" Yes, the drawing on the left is a little out of proportion, but I just wanted to highlight the suit. One of the biggest goals I had with this project was to create a character the was almost in complete silhouette, because most of my stuff is very detailed oriented so I wanted to deviate from that and try something new. 

Yeah, I'll be honest, I sort of only wanted to draw this guy to make him smashing a guitar that is shattering into pixels like in the movie. This was kinds the only picture I cared about. I am not a huge fan of the background being black, but I am gonna work on that, I don't have wonderful Photoshop skills as of yet, so for the time being it is just going to have to stay that way. 

Okay well that's all I have for you guys so far. I will continue to keep you posted on the happenings in my art-life! Let me know what you think, as always, comments are greatly appreciated! 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Golem of South Florida Updates

Greetings Blogdience!

I am back!!! Many things have happened during my blogging hiatus, all good things, there were no infectious outbreaks that caused the world to go in to a paranoid panic, although, that would have made it a very memorable three weeks...

Anyway, some of you know I am working on a comic project titled "the Golem of South Florida" I am not the writer, I am merely the artist. The benefit for you my blogdience, is that you get to see the progress and know nothing about the story! Muahahah! But you will, once it's done at an undetermined time! Cause then you can buy it and make it popular and I would like that very much! Anyway, here are some character sketches that I have completed, put out here for your criticism and or enjoyment! (I hope enjoyment)

this little dandy is the "Golem of Danzig" he fights in WW2. 

See, I told you he fights in WW2!

This guy's name is Sid..That's all you get to know!

This jolly fellow is "Big Pharm"...
think "Bane" but a lot goofier.

This is Dr. Nautical. He's a pirate.

This is Sarah. 
She fights with the Golem of Danzig in WW2.

this is my last one, his name is "Mystic Mike"

Anyway, I hope you liked these, even though most of you have absolutely no idea who these characters are, what their roles are and why you should care. Well, just enjoy them and the the comic comes out you can be like "oh hey I saw the original designs for these people on this one blog thing!" and it will be my blog thing and I will feel warm and cuddly on the inside.
Until we meet again blogdience!