Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time for an Art Dump!!!

dear interwebs,

I know it has been a while since I last posted, and for that I am truly sorry. In an act of apology I will go on ahead and just dump some artwork onto my blog. A lot of it is old, but that's okay, it need to be shown on the internets. Here you go!!
hey look its a robot bee...i wish this was SCAD's mascot, it would be soo much cooler.

everybody's favorite half ork Ragmar, becoming a shish kabob

oh look, its fine art...

Boba Fett you sly dog you...

double page spread from my sketchbook

a sketchbook drawing

Alien vs. Predator vs. Robocop vs. Terminator

I like to call this one the "Hellfire Harpie"

Abernathy the Velociraptor..

Storyboard set layout in 1 Point perspective

Storyboard set layout in 2 point perspective

Storyboard set layout in 3 point perspective

Storyboard Beatboard 6

Storyboard beatboard 5

Storyboard beatboard 4

Storyboard beatbord 3

Storyboard beatboard 2

Storyboard beatboard 1

Well there is some artworks for y'all. The top is stuff that was done last year, the stuff toward the bottom of the post are the newer pieces of art. The greyscale storyboards were done for my Drawing for Stroyboarding class, they aren't normal storyboards by any means, they were developed over weeks as story highlights rather than actual storyboards. Just wanted to say that as a head's up, since I have talked to people about them and there has been some confusion over it. 

Well I do hope you all enjoyed the artwork, feel free to comment or even request art, never done that before, that should be interesting! 


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some concept art, comin' at cha!

Greetings again friends of cyberspace,

I have been collaborating with one of our generation's greatest minds, Sir Joshua Evans (he hasn't really been knighted...yet...). And in doing so, his great literary prowess has spurred some concept art to spew henceforth from my brain. Here is the first of soon to be lots of concept images.
digitally colored version of the brother in soviet HAZMAT suit. (consequently, also sort of looks like a hardcore X-Wing pilot. I'm okay with that)

the other protagonist of the story, just in inks, haven't colored it yet, thats soon to come.

Anyway, those are the concepts I've got so far, there is plenty more to follow, locations, sets, antagonists..goodness...stories are complicated..well I look forward to getting some more art onto this post!

Adios cyberspace-ians!

First Post!

Dear internet enthusiasts,

Hello there, so I now have a blog, I'm not entirely tech savvy so this should be an interesting endeavor. Anyways, I am an artist and being an artist I want people to see my work and enjoy it, because what is the purpose of making art if you can't share it with other people?! I am a Sequential Art major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, in laymen's terms, I make comic books...well at least that's my goal, so that's essentially what I draw.
So without any further adieu, let's see if I can get some artwork up on this blogness..

This is one of my polar bear, panda bear comic strips, I call it; "Life is a Bear"

A children's book illustration I did for class

second children's book illustration, same assignment

There are a few images, I can upload my Mini-comic soon, just need to learn more about working this blog thing. Well this has been fun, I think I'll keep doing it, anyway, have a nice day interwebs!

Colin Dyer