Friday, August 19, 2011


Oh Hai,

Well blogdience, the blood sweat and tears have paid off and I'm happy to show you the final Seven Deadly Sins images. I even present it to you in a hi-res scan, almost like its in HD. Its also being shown in 3d, all you have to do is smash your face through the monitor, (please don't do this, this is a bad attempt at sarcasm and if you take it seriously, its sort of your fault). 

Anyway, I will start off with the eighth picture which is the whole "promo poster" with all of the images merged together, then I will go through them in their color order.

Here is the big ol promo poster. I think it's fun.

Rawr, I'm angry. So wrath-ey.

Lust. I'll be honest,
 I think this one is the prettiest. 
I guess, it's fitting. 
I guess...

Gluttony...fat and jovial. Like Santa.

Greed means Benjamins Everywhere!

Here's Envy, and I also really like this one. 
I'm a fan of the bling.

Super Slothtastic.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, 
who's the most Prideful of them all?

Alright, I hope you all liked them. I worked my butt off, and I hope everyone likes them, they will be hanging in my house when I get back to Savannah. It'll be a good wall decoration. Well I'll talk to you later Blogdience! 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Los Increibles


Okay so I have had the weirdest desire to draw the Incredibles. But, in a proper superhero treatment. So as a break from drawing real serious things, I drew a fun drawing, one that I have wanted to do. Its not the cleanest and greatest, but it's fun and at least it's now off my mind and I can continue working on real stuff now. I hope you enjoy, sorry my scanner isn't big enough for the image, so there is some croppage.
Like I said, cropped, but you get the gist. 
Its for fun.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. Keep on keepin' on blogdience..


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello my dear blog,

Well, it certainly has been a busy summer.

SO many things have happened!

But mostly this post is to show what progress I have on the seven deadly sins stuff. I have 5 of them done, inked and colored, hot off the press (not really, unless the "press" means my aching hand) and ready for you to view! So without further adieu, here are the images! As always, you can click on them to make them larger! also excuse the quality, I didn't scan them, just took a picture of them, ill do hi-res scans when I have don't all of them. ENJOY!

My first one was "SLOTH"
I made the edges messy like I didn't care...
get it...cause I was lazy...
yeah, you get it..moving on.
Number two was "GREED"
Oh hey, it looks like a dollar, imagine that.

Rounding off third is "GLUTTONY"
There isn't really a clever joke in here. 
I mean, it's self explanatory.

This eerie piece is "PRIDE"
This one may be my favorite,
 probably because I think it has the 
deepest meaning out of all of them.

And lastly for now is "WRATH"
My inspiration...a stubbed toe. 

I certainly hope you enjoyed these. I am having a good time working on them, even if my hand sorta feels like its going to fall off soon. Oh well, it's such a labor of love! 

Talk to you later blogdience!