Friday, April 29, 2011

Cowboys and Da Pirates...

Oh hey there minions of cyberspace,

So do you know what I have always wanted to be my entire life?

A Cowboy.

I mean, there is not a whole lot that's more awesome as a cowboy. Not to mention not really any other profession that just seethes raw manliness and pure unadulterated testosterone. I mean, unless you are a viking or possibly a Scottish Highlander, other than that, nothing is as awesome as the men who roam the wild west.

So this past project for class was one in which we had to draw a  "Struggle at Sea". Now you maybe asking yourself:
"But Colin, you just talked about cowboys and made a big deal about how ridiculously awesome they are, and now you are talking about a struggle at sea, those are so unrelated."

I would say to you:

"On the contrary blasphemer!" and then would proceed to slap you with a large marlin or other large spiky fish due to its obscurity.

These are in fact related. You see, as I tend to do, I mashed up random genres so that there was an explosion of awesome, much like when you open up a bottle of Dr. Pepper for the first time. 23 flavors y'all...23...

But essentially since I'm this far in the post and haven't revealed any art nor actually talked about what I have done, I shall sum it up and get to the art.
-I like cowboys.
-Had to do a "struggle at sea" image
-needed a boat and water.
-I like pirates too

All of these things came together and helped me create three images, as well as drop 'em in the good ol' Photoshop and put some screen tones on them. So here they are, a "Struggle at Sea".

Oh hey there pirate leg.

This is the 5x7 chapter header. Fun fact, that
Schofield revolver is pretty much my favorite
type of revolver. Thought you should know.

And boom goes the dynamite. 

As I said before, I did put some screentones onto these drawings, but I'm not horribly tech savvy and they are being a bit finicky when I try to post them here, so hopefully sometime I may be able to post the final images, but for now, just enjoy these and know that you probably secretly want to be a cowboy as bad as I do. It's okay, you're allowed to admit it.

Until next time,

The spiked one.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello fellow interneters,

Okay so, if you recall I had a Star Wars themed poster in the works for submission to SDCC. If not, then refer to previous post, and read that, then come back to this one....

All done with that one? 

Okay, now we can continue...

Like I stated earlier I was making a Star Wars poster, and I posted the final inks to it, and said there was a colored version on the way. Well internet, today is the day I post the colors to that poster! I know, let the rejoicing continue as you scroll to Star Wars goodie-ness!

Just a simple farmer...

Well then, I hope that this picture fits y'alls fancy. I know I certainly had a lot of fun working on it, and I am very happy with the final product! Have a nice day and I will talk to you some other time that is not now internet!

Yours Truly,

a very sleepy Polar bear. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wait..Star Wars Posters for College Credit?!


So I love my major, basically I have been told to make a Star Wars influenced poster for Dark Horse's 25th anniversary. YES. STAR WARS. COLLEGE CREDIT.....all of these things I like.

I am going to color this image, but I figured I would post the image because I have had some people express interest in seeing it. So without further adieu, here it is.

Just a simple farmer. 

So I will explain, the situation with this. I will be submitting the final colored version to possibly be printed in the San Diego Comic Con souvenir book. For those of you who don't know what the SDCC is, it's basically the Mecca of nerds. It's awesome. But anyway, if this gets selected then it would be in the souvenir book that is given to everyone who attends the Con and its given to all the vendors (i.e. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Vertigo etc.) and I would also get a copy and a super awesome portfolio and resume piece.

So anyway there is the update on my life thus far I guess, at least as far as my art is concerned. Wish me luck internets, I would love for this to be selected. Anyway, have a good day interweb, I hope this picture gave you some happy thoughts.

With much enthusiasm and love,

Sir Polar

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Blink, Here's Some INK!!

Dear Internets,

Blah blah blah, blah blahblah blah blahhh. Blah blah blahh blahhhhhhblah. Thats my random babbling like I normally have when I put up a new post. I drew things. Big surprise, this time I used a brush and pen nibs, mostly cause we are doing a project in them, and we get to practice, when in turn I post here for all the internet to enjoy. You are welcome.

It's awkward asking a civil war re-enactor to stand still 
while you sketch him at a national park.
 I did it anyway though. 

So we went to Fort Pulaski out here in Savannah for one of my classes and did some drawing. This handsome chap was kind enough to give us a demonstration on firing muskets and a rundown of what the base was like 150 years ago. It was fun to learn. I like learning things. Learn.

Anyway onto my other one, it was a picture of a crazy old man my professor had on his computer. Don't ask my why he saves pictures like this, my excuse to not ask questions is that its simply just art school. But we drew this guy with dip pen and i used a brush for the massive spot blacks, other than that, nothing to terribly special.

I'm pretty sure I have seen this guy around Savannah. 
He's like a hipster hobo. 
Wait, he'd have to have thick framed glasses for that. 

Okay, I'm going to go now. I am hungry and I am fairly sure that my stomach is slowly devouring the lining of my intestines in protest of me not being able to grab food yet today. Touche stomach, you win this time. Until next time my fellow blog-ians. 


Esquire Dyer

Monday, April 11, 2011

There is Something Scratching Away at My Brain!!

Hello again my fellow blog enthusiasts,

So this weekend was absolutely crazy. Not only did I help build a set for a photo shoot, but I also had this crazy project due for my Materials and Techniques class.

So here was the assignment. Pick a horror story/and or movie and do three illustrations on scratch board.


Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither up until, oh, a week ago. Okay that's actually a lie, I knew vaguely what scratchboard was but I hadn't ever actually worked with it. So after careful thought I decided to pay homage to George Romero in my illustrations for Night of the Living Dead.

After a crazy weekend of being busy and being plagued by awful hand cramping, I pulled out three lovely images that were all set for a monday critique. Now that I have elaborated on my life story for last weekend, I will actually show you the images. Sadly these are not for sale, I have other plans for these images. But If you are interested in any of these scratchboards I'm sure we can work out some sort of commission.

Gross..Yes... This is a 5" x 7" chapter heading,
 I figured this prepared the reader for the gnarly tale 
that was going to ensue.

Yeah the mouth is gross. Moving on.

Raahhh! Here comes the hoard! I mean, there isn't a whole lot to explain. 

And the last one *drumroll*...
At this point I'm pretty sure all hope is lost. 

Alright, well thats what I got to pour my blood sweat and tears into this weekend. Sans the blood sweat, and I guess tears too. I mean, it probably wasn't as intense as I'm making it out to be, but oh well. Have a good day interwebs, until next time. 

Same blog time, same blog place,

Senor Polar

Friday, April 8, 2011


Greetings and salutations my dear internet,

    Oh I missed you my dear blog audience. . .my. . .blogdience. Oh how it seems like so much time has passed since our paths met. Anyway, it's good to be back. So school. Yeah, school. It sort of makes me busy, and never have time to do fun things with my life. But all of that is null and void when I have fun things happen in my life and I get to do projects that are super dooper fun!

Okay, so for one of my last projects, I had to do ink washes for character designs. Now we had to stick with a theme of some kind, with some sort of continuity, so think along the lines of 'greek mythology' or 'native american legends', things of that sort.

Well I did creatures and things described in the Bible. Yup, in the Bible. I was really excited to do these, because there are things described in the Bible that you're like "whoa, four heads, thats messed up." I mean, I guess that's how people react. Regardless, I had to use ink to do washes to tone the pieces, then use conte pencil to do some rendering, I also used white gouache for highlighting. You'll see what I mean when you see the images.

So onto the artwork. Now as stated before I did stuff from the Bible, now this was fun, but my spin on it was a sort of robotic anthropomorphism. Basically an excuse to do lots of detail and make everything look mechanical. Now that you know this. I hope you enjoy the art!

So here is my first image, It's of an Angel.
 Just sort of a basic Angel, nothing to fancy.

This is a Cherub. Now they are described in the Bible 
with four heads, one of man, oxe, eagle and lion.
 I put all of those in there just spread them around.
 (*Hint The head of man is actually a woman)

Ahh yes, the Behemoth. I really enjoyed this guy. 
In the Bible the Behemoth is essentially described as a brachiosaurus, 
so a large long necked dinosaur. 
I really wanted this design to feel like this thing could weigh several hundred tons, 
overall this one is probably my favorite. 

Here we have the Leviathan. 
This one, besides the Angle, is probably the most well known. 
It is a sea dwelling creature that had a ferrocious appetite 
and was just a big ol' baddie all around. It was fun to do, 
then sort of odd to try to make it seem underwater. 
That's what those white circles are for in case you were curious

Those are the four I have for you right now, they were fun to do even though they completely ate up most of my time for sleeping this week. Joking aside though, I was really happy to be able to do these designs for a project. Critique for them was pretty darn cool, mostly because I got to share with the class a little bit about my art and a lot more about my faith. It was a really cool way to have a critique and I feel like, in my opinion, the best feeling I have had during a critique.

Hopefully I can get some more art posted for you in the future my dear blogdience. In the meantime, get some sleep, wash your hands and don't forget to give someone a hug today!

Yours truly,

Polar bear

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Post is Magical.

Magical; charming: possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers; "charming incantations"; "magic signs that protect against adverse influence"; "a magical spell"

Hi there interwebs,

You know what is magical?


You know what I drew in my sketchbook?

A Unicorn

I also like Narwhals. Refer to the previous post of a polar bear with a narwhal horn. So in this post I will share with the world my most recent drawing in my sketchbook.

No they are not on the moon as some people thought, that's just the magical sparkling emitted from unicorns in general. I hope you enjoyed todays post. What did we learn today?

Anyway, I hope this picture has inspired you to be magical today! 

Magically sparkly (not in the twilight vampire kind of way...but the unicorn way),

Sir Polar