Saturday, February 18, 2012

Golem Page Update

Dear Bloggers,

   I have just finished the inks on the third page of "The Golem of South Florida", check and out and let me know what you think!

Page 3, this is just the rough thresholded version, 
when I go to color it in Photoshop, 
I will be sure to clean it up so it is nice and pretty. 

So there it is, and like I said before, I will be getting the second page colors up as soon as I can get them all finished. Thanks for reading blogdience!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Golem Colors!

Hiya folks,

Here is the first page of "The Golem of South Florida" in full color! Hope you all like it, the second one is in progress.

All colored up and whatnot.

Hope you like it! Be sure to visit often, I will post the next page as soon as I can!


Golem of South Florida Pages!!!

Dear Sweet Blogdience,

Hello again from the great beyond...

And by great beyond I mean Savannah. So I have been drawing ferociously since my last post, and have some things to post.

The most notable thing that I have to post is the first two pages of the comic "The Golem of South Florida".  Just as a recap for those who don't know, this is a comic I was hired to work on as freelance work. I am working on this while I am still in school, so the progress is slower than I would prefer, but being able to see tangible pages is always a good start.

Anyway, since my Captain America, Ultraman story I have been able to work on the Golem stuff. So here are the first two pages in inks.

Page 1
(Note,  I did the word balloons and text on the actual bristol, but for future pages, I will be drawing the page, then adding the lettering and balloons in photoshop, so I can have complete art on a page with no text.)

Page 2

Well there are the first two pages of "the Golem of South Florida", I hope you like them, especially enough to buy a copy when it comes out. I am working on the colors for these pages right now, so look forward to the future!

Hope you all like them, and tell your friends!