Pucker Factor 10 5-page preview

I have been working on a graphic novel, Pucker Factor 10, that will be published by McFarland Publishing. I scripted the graphic novel from the memoir of the same name, and will be doing all the pencils and the inks for the book.

Before the contract was signed, I did a 5 page preview of what I wanted the book to look like. These are the 5 pages that I used for the pitch. They are actually around 90 pages into the actual book.

Pucker Factor 10: 'Tiger Hunt.'

Page 1 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 2 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 3 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 4 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 5 (Pencils & Inks)

The book is still in progress, I hope to add another section of preview pages in the near future. Follow my instagram and twitter for small previews until Pucker Factor 10 comes out sometime in 2016.


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