Golem of South Florida Issue 2

So many of you who know me know I was working on a comic throughout college, and finished the first issue as I graduated. Though we (the author and myself) have been submitting it, it hasn't caught any traction.
The second issue is sitting on my 'hiatus plate-us' but I did manage to get a handful of pages finished before I began really working on my graphic novel. Here are the pages.

I was the penciller and the inker.

Cover 1 Pencils

Page 1 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 2 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 3 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 4 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 5 (Pencils & Inks)

Page 6 (Pencils & Inks)

In my heart of hearts, I would love for this book to get picked up. It is a fun story, and I love the goofiness and the crazy action and characters I get to draw. I hope there is more Golem in my future, that's for sure!


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