Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Tight Spot

Greeting Blogdience,

So despite the title, I actually am not really in a tight spot, just another attempt at me trying to be clever with words. Anyway, this quarter has been crazy as far as work is concerned, but I am trying to still make some headway on Golem of South Florida. Here is the tight rough for page 5, golem gets to beating up some troops. I still have yet to blow it up and get it all ready fro inking and whatnot, but that will come along soon enough.

I'm pretty excited to get this one inked, should be some fun. 

So as far as other work is concerned, I am in a speed sketching class this quarter and I am drawing like a maniac, so if I can find some time, I will scan some of the gestures that I like the most, just as something different. I'm excited about getting some Golem stuff done as Editor's day looms closer and closer. I hope you had an enjoyable blog viewing experience. 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Color is a happy thing...

So guess what...

I finished coloring page 3 of The Golem of South Florida.

I'm excited to be able to hop off this computer and work by hand...photoshop is killing my computer's speed, which in turn means MY speed.

Anyway here it is!


Alrighty time to get off this blasted computation device and get to some sketching! 

Bye yall!