Thursday, November 17, 2011

SILVERHAWKS storyboards

As promised here are the storyboards for the new revamped Silverhawks intro.

And BAM! The episode starts and stuff! These boards were funny because my initial intention was to not make them work for myself, so I was going to make them very rough, then as the night progressed I got really into them, and decided ink and a grey tone was necessary. I didn't sleep much that night, but I did come out with storyboards that I legitimately like and think are pretty cool!

Anyway, that was my Silverhawks project, I thought it was successful, and I loved being able to do a project that was as fun as this one! And with the completion of this project comes the end of the quarter, now its time to draw stuff not for a grade!



Hello there my faithful blog viewers.

So I want to start off by saying that nostalgia is a great thing, especially for 80's and 90's T.V. shows that were pretty much by any of today's standards, terrible. But to be able to think back on how great they were when you were a kid, that kind of nostalgia.

I start this post with that because our final assignment in my Character Design for Storyboarding and Animation class was to revamp an old television show. Preferably one that wasn't terribly great to begin with. Well of course I had like 40 million ideas!

After I sifted through all of the options, I finally settled on the show SILVERHAWKS. Now in case you don't actually know what this is, you're in luck, cause I'm gonna tell you.

You're Welcome....

Anyway, Silverhawks was made by the same guys who did Thundercats, essentially the show was supposed to be like Thundercats in space. This team known as the Silverhawks were cybernetic beings, as the quote in the intro video claims "partly metal, partly real." Essentially these guys flew around space battling a big boss called "Mon-Star" (I know, these guys had real imaginations back then) and he pretty much looked like a mean thundercat. Anyways, he was an intergalactic mob boss who was trying to rule the galaxy. The Silverhawks would pretty much foil his plans everytime, and like the cartoons of the late 80's there were a plethora of bad guys that worked under Mon-Star, and at least one perfect foil for each of the Silverhawks.

There, I just saved you from watching like 70 something episodes. This show used to be one of my favorites, and I remember watching it with my brother a lot when I was younger (aww more nostalgia!) but I thought it would be a super fun project to revamp their designs and get to do Silverhawks the way I would do it.

So here's the Art!

The newly redesigned logo and text. 

The Good Guys:

This is Tally-Hawk, it's a robotic hawk
 that the main character Quicksilver uses. 

This is Quicksilver, the leader of the Silverhawks

This is Steelwill, the muscle of the Silverhawks

This is Steelheart, she's a gearhead 
along with her bother Steelwill

This is Colonel Bluegrass, he's a regular ol' cowboy.
 He is the lead pilot for the Silverhawks

This is Copper Kid, he is the only non-human Silverhawk,
He fights with frisbee-like disks,
 and he is the co-pilot alongside Blugrass.

The Bad Guys:

Here is Mon-Star, the galactic crime lord himself.

This is Yes-Man, he is Mon-Star's 
number one assistant/lackey. 


The interior of the Silverhawks command center

The exterior, showing the Mirage flying away from the command center


We only had to do expressions for one character, so I chose Quicksilver

Whew, so how did you like all of that artwork?! That's not even all of it! I have storyboards for the intro, but seeing as how this post is crazy long as it is, I will do another post just for the storyboards. Like always, feel free to post feedback, I'd love to hear what y'all think about my project.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time to play catch-up!

Oh hey blogdience!

So, my bad that I haven't uploaded anything in a while, you know how that whole life-thing gets in the way of doing anything fun. Even when your life is full of comic books and movies.

ANYWHO...Here we go, first couple images are from a project I did way back in the quarter, where we had to do some character designs for the show ADVENTURE TIME. I guess I'm not like the normal hipster crowd here, but I actually don't watch the show, like, ever, so creating characters in a foreign style was...well it was interesting. The first one is a garbage collector we had to create, of the two this one is my favorite.
"He's a nice guy, just got a crappy job."

Anyway, I like him, but I sort of over rendered him, he should've stayed as flat colors, but oh well, I like him anyway. Now the next one was this description of a character we had to make, and it was something like "golden pig armed beast with intestines falling out"..Yeah, you're probably thinking what I was thinking...


Anyway after wrapping my head around it, I came up with this. 

Yeah, this is what I came up with. 
It was the least grotesque way I could figure it. 

So that was the ADVENTURE TIME projcet. Glad that's over with! So the following one that we did was the mascot, which I did Captain Caffeine and you can refer to the previous post to see that one, but after that we did a poster design for the Savannah Derby Devils, the roller-derby team in Savannah. We first had to come up with a character design, here's mine.

So I did a Girl Scout! I mean, what's more empowering to girls, 
and ALSO has close ties to Savannah! I also named her "Cookie Cutter"

So that was the initial character design I came up with, so after the critique I made the actual "poster" for the assignment, it looks a little something like this:

"I'm no cookie cutter, I cut the cookie, and I WILL CUT YOU!"

I'm very happy with how this poster turned out actually, It's a different style of rendering, and also its an entire female cast on the page, which is a rarity...although I'm meaning to change that. 

The last one I am going to share with you today is an image I actually finished a few hours ago. So if you recall a few posts back, I drew a picture of "The Incredibles" well, for my digital coloring class, I decided to color it. I have been waiting to do it, and I'm excited for the way that it turned out!

It's finally colored!! I am quite pleased with it actually!

So anyway, that's all I'm gonna post for now. I hope y'all like these pictures, I will try to be more regular in posting my pictures, I gotta make sure I keep it a priority! Talk to you later bloggers!