Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some concept art, comin' at cha!

Greetings again friends of cyberspace,

I have been collaborating with one of our generation's greatest minds, Sir Joshua Evans (he hasn't really been knighted...yet...). And in doing so, his great literary prowess has spurred some concept art to spew henceforth from my brain. Here is the first of soon to be lots of concept images.
digitally colored version of the brother in soviet HAZMAT suit. (consequently, also sort of looks like a hardcore X-Wing pilot. I'm okay with that)

the other protagonist of the story, just in inks, haven't colored it yet, thats soon to come.

Anyway, those are the concepts I've got so far, there is plenty more to follow, locations, sets, antagonists..goodness...stories are complicated..well I look forward to getting some more art onto this post!

Adios cyberspace-ians!

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