Saturday, February 11, 2012

Golem of South Florida Pages!!!

Dear Sweet Blogdience,

Hello again from the great beyond...

And by great beyond I mean Savannah. So I have been drawing ferociously since my last post, and have some things to post.

The most notable thing that I have to post is the first two pages of the comic "The Golem of South Florida".  Just as a recap for those who don't know, this is a comic I was hired to work on as freelance work. I am working on this while I am still in school, so the progress is slower than I would prefer, but being able to see tangible pages is always a good start.

Anyway, since my Captain America, Ultraman story I have been able to work on the Golem stuff. So here are the first two pages in inks.

Page 1
(Note,  I did the word balloons and text on the actual bristol, but for future pages, I will be drawing the page, then adding the lettering and balloons in photoshop, so I can have complete art on a page with no text.)

Page 2

Well there are the first two pages of "the Golem of South Florida", I hope you like them, especially enough to buy a copy when it comes out. I am working on the colors for these pages right now, so look forward to the future!

Hope you all like them, and tell your friends!


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