Monday, May 7, 2012

Another page! Bazinga!

Hey blogdience,

Yes, I made a "Big Bang Theory" reference...Mostly because it is amazing and all about nerd things! 

Just to be clear, this blog has nothing to do with "Big Bang Theory" I just wanted to reference it. 

I got another page inked, its the final inked version of the page I posted last time. It was sort of a slow going process, especially mixed in with the abundance of schoolwork I have on any given day. But it's all about slowly chipping away, right? At least that is what I am going to stick with, and I am going to let that ignorance be my bliss! 

Onto the art. 

Here ya go folks!

This was a pretty fun page to play around with, especially with the composition and shots. I was trying to push myself out of my normal comic layout, I like it, may not be perfect, but I am pleased with it...for the time being...

Take it easy blogdience, remember to smile and laugh, it's good for your health!


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