Friday, September 18, 2015

Cap for Tazi

Here is a commission I did that I got through Periscope.

It was for a little girl who had stage 4 cancer, and she never gave up and kept fighting, and eventually went into remission and currently has a clean bill of health.

The kicker is that this particular girl loves Captain America. And her inspiration to keep fighting through cancer was that 'Cap wouldn't give up, so neither will I.'

This touched my heart so much, I am honored that I got to do this piece for this young girl who fought like a tiger to beat cancer.

11" x 17" (Click for larger image)

She is also a huge fan of Chris Evan's Cap, so it was requested I do the Age of Ultron costume, which I was happy to do, because lets face it, it' awesome!

Thanks everyone, and if anyone if interested in a commission like this feel free to contact me for pricing!


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