Friday, January 7, 2011

The Crazy Dream I Done Promised Y'all!!!!

Okay so here's the deal, last post I promised that I would elaborate on the crazy dream I had a while back. I don't really remember dreams to often, so the fact that I was able to recall any of my dream when I woke up, let alone still remember my dream even now, like, 2 weeks later is slightly unprecedented! So anyway, instead of bothering you with how amazed I about my dream recall, I'll just talk about the dream now. I think the dream can be broken down in a simple math equation:

                     Super Smash Brother's + Tron + Inception = My ridiculous dream

Yes I know that is a hodge podge of craziness and that the equation itself is nearly impossible to make any coherent sense out of. BUT regardless to its terrible coherency, I shall explain. So it starts out with a box of old video games, nintendo 64 and playstation, basically the core game systems of my childhood. The box on top was mario 64, a magnificent game in itself, but now seemed darker and grungier...because let's face it, he's a's not a happy position. Anyway he was much more hardcore and the enemies actually looked like they could indeed pose a threat in any given situation.

(This is what dream-state Mario looked like)

Anyway, as he was jumping on little mushroom's heads and splattering them into oblivion, he realized that one of those giant bullets was headed right for him, so naturally, being Mario he jumped into a green pipe. Although, when he jumped into the warp pipe, the action took me out of his world back to the box of games, where you see "the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". The warp tube then shot Mario out into Hyrule field in the Zelda universe. Not only did he see Link, but Link was super awesome, like a crazy hardcore elf fighter, and Mario had adjusted his costuming as well. He was no longer the familiar overall wearing italian stereotype, but now he looked more medieval. The two go through Hyrule field and fight random minions of Ganondorf, then Link ends up playing the ocarina, the song of time, and then they warp into an even stranger world than that of Zelda or Mario. 

( This is crazy Dream-world Link) 

Anyway, the two actually end up on a strange alien planet, only to be attacked by some weird mutant beast, then of course, they are rescued in the nick of time by the best female bounty hunter ever, Samus. Like before, Mario's clothes have changed into a more appropriate space looking outfit, as well as Link, now they are all corresponding in their styles. 

Eventually they go into a few more levels of games, then the last game they are in gets put into a nintendo 64, and now all these characters must face the game itself, and the non playable characters, as well as the CPU. 

I wont diverge all the details, cause they are my IP, but thats what I got for y'all so far, hope you enjoyed the craziness that was my dream. I shall bid you adieu, and you all have a wonderful day!

Kibbles and Bits,
Esquire Dyer

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