Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guys...My Arms Taste Like CANDYYY!!


Welcome to 2011 everyone, I know there is a ton that I have to look back on and see how blessed I am to be, well quite frankly, alive, among other things! Anyway, I know my break from school has been a fun one, not exactly productive as far as art goes, but considering while i'm in school, I beat myself up getting my art done, so I guess it's much needed.

I saw a good amount of movies while I was on break, so now its time for : (drum roll people)...

     (And sometimes foreign films, but I don't watch those a lot so don't worry about that too much)

Most recent movie is: TRUE GRIT

If I was a monkey and had hands for feet, I would hold up four thumbs for this movie. It was wonderful. Even when we got to the movie late and had to sit in the second row like 2 inches from the screen, almost to the point to where I had to contort myself into some sort of gargoyle like position. Putting all that aside, it was an amazing movie. Jeff Bridges is one of the most dynamic actors I think I've ever seen, where one minute I can watch "The Big Lebowski" and see him as the Dude, then see a commercial for 'True Grit" and see him as Rooster Cogburn and both characters are completely convincing. I loved this movie, the story pulled me in to the point that I thought we were only in the theater for an hour, whereas it was really about 2, the movie just made you lose track of time. The whole cast was wonderful, and I recommend this movie to any western fan, action movie fan, fan of period pieces, fans of pistol toting sassy 14 year old girls, I think what I'm trying to say is: EVERYONE MUST GO SEE THIS MOVIE!


This movie wins my "WHOA" award for 2010...first of all, Christopher Nolan can keep making films until he dies as far as I'm long as his cinematographical  offsprings have at least a few chromosomes from "Inception." It's just that good. I know a lot of people have problems with movies like 'Inception" stating the plot doesn't make sense, or it's just too complicated. Personally I like movies which make you think, and the fact that I saw this over a month ago and I'm still thinking about it should speak for the brilliance of the film.


Stupid...nothing happened. There are western movies that you can see and sometimes you're like, "huh, well, that doesn't make sense, but creative freedoms are cool, at least the characters are believable" and I'm pretty sure I never felt that through the whole movie...I think the major question I had was "why?" and then I was like "Oh! look it's Megan Fox, she's still untalented. Wait, she's playing a prostitute. I
guess that's believable"


Okay so "Psych" isn't a movie it's a TV show, but it's still awesome. It follows two friends, one who pretends to be a psychic, and they create fake firm to help police in investigations. This show is hysterical, I laughed so hard watching this first season. I look forward to watching more of this awesome show!

Okay so this post is super long as is, so Im going to complete my list of movies at a later date. I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a lot of type, so I'll assume thats probably a resounding "no" but either way, deal with it! Next post there will be art work, I had a sweet dream about video game characters that I'm drawing some of, so stay tuned to see that stuff!

Grandmaster Colin


  1. Guys...My Arms Taste Like CANDYYY!!