Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh wow hey I have a blog don't I? AWESOME?!

Dear Interwebs,

I am sincerely sorry that I have not posted in so very long. Last quarter was very tough and took up most of my attention and time. For that I am sorry. I did just get back from spring break which was absolutely amazing, and I did me some sketching, sketches I  would be more than happy to share with you.

So I have been just sketching for fun recently, and one artist I love is Alphonse Mucha. For those who aren't familiar with him, he was a commercial illustrator in the early 1900's. Though it was like super duper long ago, his style reflects a lot of comic book styles. Instead of blabbing about his style and the ground he broke whilst being awesome, I'll just show you my Mucha inspired work!

That heavy outline is a distinct Mucha-ism...
This is what the picture says to me..
"..Why is that pale kid hiding in the shade staring at me, 
whatever, just don't acknowledge him?"

This first one is of my lovely lovely girlfriend lounging and soaking up sun outside while we were at the beach. This was just one attempt at a Mucha influenced illustration, I certainly enjoyed creating it! Now on to numero dos!

"No Margaret, holding my cigar in one hand and my scotch in another doesn't make more sense! 
If I did that how would I leisurely rest one hand in my pants pocket?!

I found this handsome devil in a super random magazine I found in the condo we were at. It was probably something like  "Scotch Drinkers Quarterly" or "The Tasteful Alcoholic", you know, something like that. But I had to draw him, his charm caught me when I was drawing-vulnerable.
Onto the third and last picture for this post!!!!

"...Sons of Scotland...."

Yes...This IS William Wallace. At Least the 1995 Mel Gibson version from one of my favorite movies ever, Braveheart. If you havn't seen it, you need to stop reading this, get off the computer and find a copy and watch it right now, seriously, it takes priority, it will change your life. Anyway, we watched it over break and I was completely inspired to draw my very own Gibson-esque  William Wallace. I actually tried to crank this one out quickly, and succeeded, got this one penciled, inked and rendered in all around 45 minutes. 

All right my beloved blog, it is time for us to depart. I promise it will not be for as long as last time, that was a rough patch. Anyway, stay classy internet (I feel like that is an oxymoron) I shall see you later!

Sincerely your Cyberspace Warrior,

Sir Dyer

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  1. i love how he always look feminishly manly....

    ...and i've seen that pale kid in the corner too, just ignore him, he'll eventually go away