Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins y'all!

Dear loving interwebs,

I am in no way condoning the application of the seven deadly sins. Now that the disclaimer is done, I am excited for the debut of my poster for the CSF study of the seven deadly sins. I was asked to do a poster for the sin "anger" or "wrath". I felt that would be right up my alley. It was. I drew a monster destroying a city, what else could possibly be more relevant?! First I will reveal the first concept drawing, just so you can see the complete change of idea when I started the final poster.

 This was the first idea, and wrath checklist?
-Monster? -yup
-military presence to show physical threat? -yup
-massive amounts of damage?- eh..i mean, hes holding a boat...
- mass chaos and panic- nope, he looks like a toddler in a bathtub.

Obviously you can see why this picture needed to change. Not only the monster needed to change, but the composition, the feeling in it, and the lack of destruction was NOT okay with me. I mean, that doesn't show much wrath..

After much scribbling, and furious pencilling, a new idea emerged, better than the first, much like Terminator and Terminator 2. Except less cyborgs and more MONSTER!!

SO this is what the final product looked like, the stupid blog is being complicated and won't let me upload it for some dumb reason, so here is a link to the picture on my Talenthouse: 

its the picture with the big monster in it...if you couldn't tell....

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