Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adventure Time commission!

Hello there my blogdience!

   So I must apologize, I have not posted since November, but in fairness, I haven't had much time lately to post anything! Winter break was crazy and busy and I was all over the place, literally, I went to Japan while I was on break! That is to be discussed for a later date.

To the art! This is a little picture I did for my friend Paige, she got me a Christmas present and in return I drew here a pretty picture! She really likes the show "Adventure Time" and though I am not a huge fan,  but I wanted to draw something to do with it for her.

Now clearly I let my own style shine through on this, because if anyone has seen the show I clearly have a different style than Pendelton Ward. Anyway, that's all I know, hope you all like it and want me to do a commission of your favorite old television show!

Thanks my bloggers!


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