Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relocated and Back With a Vengeance!

Okay, so maybe not exactly with a vengeance,  but how about "tenacity?"

 And yes...I just used the word "tenacity."

Anyway, school is finally over, and after about 2 weeks of slow travel and visiting with family and friends, I have finally relocated back in Ohio and have been plugging away at my Golem of South Florida stuff.

I finished all the inks for page 6 earlier today, so now that my printer and scanner have been set up, I can share the new stuff with the webernets. I want to show a little more of my process, because I know I find that interesting and someone else might as well. So here is the final inks, then I will show the process stuff!

So this is page 6, just simply scanned and thresholded in Photoshop.
 (and yes I forgot a line in the first panel, I noticed it after I scanned it.)

Alright, so that's what the inks look like, I'll be honest, this is one of my favorite pages I have done so far, I had a really fun time drawing that solders whole facial region getting destroyed. So here is what the tight rough for this looked like, remember it is a 'rough'.

This is what the rough looks like. 
I actually drew it with a blue graphite mechanical pencil,
 when I scanned it for Photoshop I scanned in greyscale, 
so I could have an easier time seeing since
 I was going to lightbox onto the final bristol. 

Unfortunately I don't have the final pencils, I took a picture with my phone but it is not wanting to upload onto my computer, but as I said, I lightboxed the final image, and inked on top of the blue line pencil I used. 

So that's all I have for now bloggers, hopefully I will have another page for you in the next few days, I am full time comic-ing right now, so I'm excited to make progress! Catch you on the flippidy-flip!


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  1. that looks so awesome:) i love the angle of the last panel:)