Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kablammo! Another page!

Oh hey blogey-people,

I had a super fun filled weekend hanging out with my brother and sister, but alas, it is back to work as usual. I have the inks for page 7 of Golem done for y'all to check out. I was more conscious about taking pictures of the process, as I said, I am going to try to be better at that. 

This page is the first appearance of Dr. Nautical (oooooh, aaaaahhh)! 
Yay for pirates!

anyway here is the final product!

destruction, old folks homes and pirates...Man what a page!

So now you have seen the final product, here are some pictures of the process it took to get there.

Alright, so here is the tight rough I did. 
I went on ahead and sketched the "tight rough" full size, 
so I could work out the details and get it ready to lightbox, 
and not have to worry about getting it 
into photoshop and making it larger. 

Here we have the finished pencils. 
I have been using blue line a lot more because it doesn't smear like graphite,
 and being left-handed, smearing is a problem. 
I snapped this as soon as I finished pencils, 
as you can see, its literally still on the lightbox.

Here is a snapshot during my inking process. 
So I decided to shake things up a bit and start inking at the bottom of the page, 
then work my way up the page, 
not really my normal pattern,
 but I guess I really wanted to tackle all that "steampunk" style 
pirate stuff since I knew it was going to take a while. 

So there you have it, an update on a new page and a little more insight into how I do my artsy stuff. Hope you enjoyed looking at the art, let know if y'all have any comments or are interested in purchasing any of my art. I look forward to posting more, but for now, its back to work!


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