Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins...AGAIN?!

Hiya internets,

If you recall a while back, the Christian Student Fellowship at SCAD did a quarter long study on the seven deadly sins. Well afterward, we were encouraged to make artwork under that theme for an art show at the end of the quarter. I did wrath, mostly cause I thought my style would work well with that one.

Well fast forward a quarter and I am approached by the College Minister at CSF and asked if I would be willing to do artwork for a seven deadly sins study that his buddy in Macon, GA is doing for the fall. I accepted, because frankly it was a really fun opportunity, as well as something for me to do over the summer.

Well I am working on thumbnails right now and am waiting to hear back from my client before working on the final product, but I figured why not just go ahead and post them here to see what feedback I can get on them at thumbnail stage!

Without further adieu, here they are: Pride, Envy and Lust.

Here are a few points about what I think of these:
-Pride is probably my favorite thus far
-Im not sure how I feel about envy,  I feel like it's missing something.
-I like lust, I thought it was sensual enough, but not overly sexual.

Take a look at these contemplate them, let them bounce around your brain a bit, then get back to me on what you think on them, feedback would be much appreciated!
Thank you my blogdience,

Sir Dyer the Polar

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