Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time to play catch-up!

Oh hey blogdience!

So, my bad that I haven't uploaded anything in a while, you know how that whole life-thing gets in the way of doing anything fun. Even when your life is full of comic books and movies.

ANYWHO...Here we go, first couple images are from a project I did way back in the quarter, where we had to do some character designs for the show ADVENTURE TIME. I guess I'm not like the normal hipster crowd here, but I actually don't watch the show, like, ever, so creating characters in a foreign style was...well it was interesting. The first one is a garbage collector we had to create, of the two this one is my favorite.
"He's a nice guy, just got a crappy job."

Anyway, I like him, but I sort of over rendered him, he should've stayed as flat colors, but oh well, I like him anyway. Now the next one was this description of a character we had to make, and it was something like "golden pig armed beast with intestines falling out"..Yeah, you're probably thinking what I was thinking...


Anyway after wrapping my head around it, I came up with this. 

Yeah, this is what I came up with. 
It was the least grotesque way I could figure it. 

So that was the ADVENTURE TIME projcet. Glad that's over with! So the following one that we did was the mascot, which I did Captain Caffeine and you can refer to the previous post to see that one, but after that we did a poster design for the Savannah Derby Devils, the roller-derby team in Savannah. We first had to come up with a character design, here's mine.

So I did a Girl Scout! I mean, what's more empowering to girls, 
and ALSO has close ties to Savannah! I also named her "Cookie Cutter"

So that was the initial character design I came up with, so after the critique I made the actual "poster" for the assignment, it looks a little something like this:

"I'm no cookie cutter, I cut the cookie, and I WILL CUT YOU!"

I'm very happy with how this poster turned out actually, It's a different style of rendering, and also its an entire female cast on the page, which is a rarity...although I'm meaning to change that. 

The last one I am going to share with you today is an image I actually finished a few hours ago. So if you recall a few posts back, I drew a picture of "The Incredibles" well, for my digital coloring class, I decided to color it. I have been waiting to do it, and I'm excited for the way that it turned out!

It's finally colored!! I am quite pleased with it actually!

So anyway, that's all I'm gonna post for now. I hope y'all like these pictures, I will try to be more regular in posting my pictures, I gotta make sure I keep it a priority! Talk to you later bloggers!


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