Friday, July 6, 2012

Get ready for this...TWO pages!

Hey y'all,

Yeah I said it.

Anyway, I have been away on vacation and although I wasn't at my drafting table, I was still able to get work done. And yeah, I am one of those guys who takes his work with him on vacation...I'm pretty sure its one of those things my family and my friends have just come to accept and they humor me.

Anyway, I got one done while on vacation and another shortly after getting home again. These are pages 8 and 9 for Golem of South Florida, and I added process pictures from my handy dandy iphone.


So here is the final inks, this is a page FULL of dialogue...
It's always challenging to make conversations
 between two seated figures in comics interesting. 

The tight pencils, as you can see the dialogue written out. 
As I said, a lot of dialogue.

And final Lightboxed Blue line,
 all cleaned up and fancified.

Okay so that was page 8, here is page 9. This page was such a challenge, because I had to finish the previous conversation from the first page, and have a flashback on the same page, all in all, it totaled 10 panels, BUT  I got to go back and draw the Golem from WWII and that is always a good time. 

here it is, again, a lot of dialogue
 at the beginning of the page,
 then action at the bottom.
Tight roughs again, lots'o'words at the top.

and clean ole' blue line. 
For some of the smaller detailed stuff I had to
 switch to a blue mechanical .5 pencil, 
because the blue line pencil wasn't sharp enough
 to get the details I needed, 
so if you see the different colors, that is why.

Alright well there is page 8 and 9, hope you enjoyed looking at all the art stuff! I'd be happy to hear any feedback! Thanks!


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