Friday, October 5, 2012

Da-Da-Dynamic Duos!

Oh my dear bloggers,

I am terribly sorry that I haven't posted in months. Literally. Months.

And there is so much to catch up on! The biggest thing by far is that I am now engaged to the woman of my dreams! She's pretty amazing, and I pulled some fun pieces of art for her for her proposal.

I decided to make her a small book that was centered all around "Dynamic Duos" and I illustrated 4 duos that are famous in the Disney world, and 4 duos in the comic book world. And they were super fun to draw! Especially the Disney stuff!

So I will start off with the disney ones that were in the book, not necessarily in order, but the ones I like the most to the least!

I absolutely love this picture. 
It's just adorable in all the right ways. 
*ahem* Moving on.

This was a very close second.
 Mostly because I have always wanted to
 do a Woody and Buzz drawing, 
and this was the perfect excuse for one.

Now this one was just straight up fun to draw. 
So much fun. 

And this one is fun, 
drawing Marlin was great, 
he has such fun contours in his face. 

And now onto the comic book drawings!

Good 'ol Captain America and Bucky.
 For obvious reasons, this was my favorite. 

Iron Man and War Machine was 
also super fun to draw.
 Really loved this one. 

The idea of this one was more the thing
 that made me love this picture.
 Not so much the execution, but the idea.

And last but not least, Batman and Robin. 
Most people that know me know that I'm not a huge fan 
of Batsy here, but these two definitely
 made sense for the story I wrote. 
So here they are.

And those are the illustrations that I made for my wonderful bride-to-be. She loved them and has a small little book that she can show her friends how dorky and cheesy her future husband is. And I'm okay with that. 

Now I have a good couple of things that I have to post up. but I don't want to overload this post with art, so I shall return with more comic pages and more fun artsy fartsy pieces! Talk to you later blogdience!


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