Sunday, October 7, 2012

Since You've Been So Patient...

You get a couple of new Golem pages.

You're welcome.

 This is page 13 AND page 14, tried some new stuff with these pages, I was inking the majority of these with my brush, and adding the meticulous detailing with a crow quill. I had a good time experimenting with these brushes.

Will most likely continue in this brush endeavor. Anyway here are the pages.

draw ALL the boxes.

I love this page. 
Especially that "Thwap" panel. 

There you have it!

Two pages, I know, I was feeling generous tonight. Also two blog posts in two nights?! It's outrageous, it's ludicrous, it's wonderful! But anyway that's what I got for ya. Stay tuned for more art in the future! 

Adios Bloggers!


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