Friday, April 8, 2011


Greetings and salutations my dear internet,

    Oh I missed you my dear blog audience. . .my. . .blogdience. Oh how it seems like so much time has passed since our paths met. Anyway, it's good to be back. So school. Yeah, school. It sort of makes me busy, and never have time to do fun things with my life. But all of that is null and void when I have fun things happen in my life and I get to do projects that are super dooper fun!

Okay, so for one of my last projects, I had to do ink washes for character designs. Now we had to stick with a theme of some kind, with some sort of continuity, so think along the lines of 'greek mythology' or 'native american legends', things of that sort.

Well I did creatures and things described in the Bible. Yup, in the Bible. I was really excited to do these, because there are things described in the Bible that you're like "whoa, four heads, thats messed up." I mean, I guess that's how people react. Regardless, I had to use ink to do washes to tone the pieces, then use conte pencil to do some rendering, I also used white gouache for highlighting. You'll see what I mean when you see the images.

So onto the artwork. Now as stated before I did stuff from the Bible, now this was fun, but my spin on it was a sort of robotic anthropomorphism. Basically an excuse to do lots of detail and make everything look mechanical. Now that you know this. I hope you enjoy the art!

So here is my first image, It's of an Angel.
 Just sort of a basic Angel, nothing to fancy.

This is a Cherub. Now they are described in the Bible 
with four heads, one of man, oxe, eagle and lion.
 I put all of those in there just spread them around.
 (*Hint The head of man is actually a woman)

Ahh yes, the Behemoth. I really enjoyed this guy. 
In the Bible the Behemoth is essentially described as a brachiosaurus, 
so a large long necked dinosaur. 
I really wanted this design to feel like this thing could weigh several hundred tons, 
overall this one is probably my favorite. 

Here we have the Leviathan. 
This one, besides the Angle, is probably the most well known. 
It is a sea dwelling creature that had a ferrocious appetite 
and was just a big ol' baddie all around. It was fun to do, 
then sort of odd to try to make it seem underwater. 
That's what those white circles are for in case you were curious

Those are the four I have for you right now, they were fun to do even though they completely ate up most of my time for sleeping this week. Joking aside though, I was really happy to be able to do these designs for a project. Critique for them was pretty darn cool, mostly because I got to share with the class a little bit about my art and a lot more about my faith. It was a really cool way to have a critique and I feel like, in my opinion, the best feeling I have had during a critique.

Hopefully I can get some more art posted for you in the future my dear blogdience. In the meantime, get some sleep, wash your hands and don't forget to give someone a hug today!

Yours truly,

Polar bear

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  1. William SantiagoMay 12, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    Your work alternatively inspires me to work harder...or quit art forever. Keep it up Sir Colin, and keep posting your creative masterpieces.

    Also, "Blogdience" is a wonderful wombination.