Friday, April 29, 2011

Cowboys and Da Pirates...

Oh hey there minions of cyberspace,

So do you know what I have always wanted to be my entire life?

A Cowboy.

I mean, there is not a whole lot that's more awesome as a cowboy. Not to mention not really any other profession that just seethes raw manliness and pure unadulterated testosterone. I mean, unless you are a viking or possibly a Scottish Highlander, other than that, nothing is as awesome as the men who roam the wild west.

So this past project for class was one in which we had to draw a  "Struggle at Sea". Now you maybe asking yourself:
"But Colin, you just talked about cowboys and made a big deal about how ridiculously awesome they are, and now you are talking about a struggle at sea, those are so unrelated."

I would say to you:

"On the contrary blasphemer!" and then would proceed to slap you with a large marlin or other large spiky fish due to its obscurity.

These are in fact related. You see, as I tend to do, I mashed up random genres so that there was an explosion of awesome, much like when you open up a bottle of Dr. Pepper for the first time. 23 flavors y'all...23...

But essentially since I'm this far in the post and haven't revealed any art nor actually talked about what I have done, I shall sum it up and get to the art.
-I like cowboys.
-Had to do a "struggle at sea" image
-needed a boat and water.
-I like pirates too

All of these things came together and helped me create three images, as well as drop 'em in the good ol' Photoshop and put some screen tones on them. So here they are, a "Struggle at Sea".

Oh hey there pirate leg.

This is the 5x7 chapter header. Fun fact, that
Schofield revolver is pretty much my favorite
type of revolver. Thought you should know.

And boom goes the dynamite. 

As I said before, I did put some screentones onto these drawings, but I'm not horribly tech savvy and they are being a bit finicky when I try to post them here, so hopefully sometime I may be able to post the final images, but for now, just enjoy these and know that you probably secretly want to be a cowboy as bad as I do. It's okay, you're allowed to admit it.

Until next time,

The spiked one.

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